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Meet Seamus

Our world wild awards photographer Seamus Travers has been published in books and magazines internationally for your photographic work several times. Seamus started your career following your dad Kodak Gold awards James Travers footstep. As a teenager Seamus worked developing black and white film in the darkroom one of your expertise. Originally studying animation and film making before moving back into photography as his true calling. He has also lectured on Photoshop and photographic post-production and studio lighting.

In addition to his expertise and professionalism, Seamus is passionate about translating moments into photography through his lens.
More than a photo session at Seamus Traves Photography we offer a unique experience because we know how important this moment is for our clients.
That's why from your first contact to the final product, you are the most important part of our work and you cannot expect more than excellence and quality.

Our History 

James Travers

Everything started when James decide to  spend 5 Years in Canada and had the opportunity to work for one of Toronto’s top Photographers. Jim returned home to Dublin in 1975 and opened the Travers Photography,  he was the precursor of modern photography in Ireland bringing the most modern  light techniques never seen before in Ireland influencing the next generations of photographers.

In 1998 the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) honoured Jim with the Degree of Master of Photography and photographic craftsman, so far the only person in Ireland to receive this award.

He is also a qualified judge and teacher of photography having judged the Kodak Gold awards in Germany and Scotland.

Our studio


 Thinking about your comfort our studio was designed to better welcome you and your family to make your session a special moment. We are equipped with the latest digital technology and studio equipment to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production

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